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Nanofiber Kite, a Frey Research Group project

Nanofiber Kite Info

Electrospun nanofiber membranes, although weak on their own, have pore sizes small enough to filter out biological materials. Thus they may be used in protective garments.  In order to combat the delicate nature of these membranes, composite textiles are made by incorporating a tulle scaffold via electrospinning directly onto the tulle. To test the proof of concept that these composite membranes could be implemented similarly to traditional textiles, a kite was created.  Lasercutting and sonobonding techniques were used in the production processes in place of traditional cutting and sewing.


A Collaboration with Dr. Margaret Frey, Nidia Trejo, Catherine Reyes and Dorothy Zhang.

See More in: Developing composite nanofibre fabrics using electrospinning, ultrasonic sewing, and laser cutting technologies


Materials Characterization/Testing, Nanofiber Composite Membrane Production


Kite Prototyping + Production

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