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When one pictures punk they may first think of chaos, anarchy, and carelessness. However, there is a dimension beyond this in the corresponding DIY movement.  Meticulous placement of patches and studs show there is take great care taken in crafting an identity. Similarly, when imagining scientific research, one may consider a sterile, pristine environment where everything is carefully calculated and planned. This is often far from the truth, with members “hacking” together unconventional solutions and methodologies.

This collection parallels the contradicting similarities between the process of creation in punk and research.  It draws influences from these seemingly disparate sources, using unconventional materials and manipulations as a form of experimentation and rebellion.  The clothing reflects a persona of strong, intelligent and rebellious woman.



Collection Photos by Chris Phare; Makeup by Kelly Guo and Dikshing Nelson

Video courtesy of the Cornell Fashion Collective and the Visual Technologies Corporation

Special thanks to all the models, makeup artists and to the Cornell Fashion Collective for making this a reality.

Fashion/ Art

Collection Concept, Garment Construction, Draping/Patterning, Lighting Concept, Model Styling/Makeup Direction


Spike LED Development, Materials Choices, Manipulations through Chemical and Thermal Processes


Anchoring Rigid Structures to Body Geometry, Circuitry

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