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A Soft Ring Oscillator

Composite Textile Strain Sensor

This paper presents design and batch manufacturing of a highly stretchable textile-silicone capacitive sensor to be used in human articulation detection, soft robotics, and exoskeletons. The proposed sensor is made of conductive knit fabric as electrode and silicone elastomer as dielectric. The batch manufacturing technology enables production of large sensor mat and arbitrary shaping of sensors, which is precisely achieved via laser cutting of the sensor mat. Individual capacitive sensors exhibit high linearity, low hysteresis, and a gauge factor of 1.23. Compliant, low-profile, and robust electrical connections are established by fusing filaments of micro coaxial cable to conductive fabric electrodes of the sensor with thermoplastic film. The capacitive sensors are integrated on a reconstructed glove for monitoring finger motions.


Authors: Asli Atalay, Ozgur Atalay, Daniel Vogt, Florian Haufe, Rob Wood, and Conor Walsh

Special thanks to James Weaver

See More in: Batch Fabrication of Customizable Silicone‐Textile Composite Capacitive Strain Sensors for Human Motion Tracking

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Manufacturing Method Development

Materials Characterization/Testing

Functional Apparel

Glove Prototyping + Patternmaking



Videography + Post Production

Figure Illustration

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