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About chiral.

In order to obtain selective reflectance in RO-TN 615, a liquid crystal, a chiral dopant (in this case CB-15) is added. Because of the chirality, the liquid crystal self orders into a complex pattern. A beautiful transformation occurs. It is bright, colorful, and unexpected. chiral. is a work inspired by this transformation. It embodies setting a change into motion you have little control over through natural elements and techniques of craft.

An interactive experience is created so that gallery goers may become part of the work and feel connected to the change. This interaction is inspired by the 魔法少女 (mahou shoujo) anime genre, in which a heroine undergoes a bright and magical transformation. Elements containing crystal imagery and natural dye chemistry surround the gallery goer in this space.


Special thanks to Prof. Jan Lagerwall and the Experimental Soft Matter Physics Research Group for the opportunities they have provided for materials research and artistic inspiration as well as Prof. Denise Green and her Natural Dye Studio that sparked this project.


To make flower spheres download the editable Adobe PDF template files here: 

Fashion/ Art

Concept Development, Dyeing Process, Draping/Patterning, Quilting, Garment Construction, Interaction Design


Pressure Sensor Development, Interaction Controls/Arduino Coding


Natural Dye/Mordant Chemistry

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